Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How Not To: Be Stressed

Well it's been Dead Week for about 39 hours now, which means that all of you that aren't me, are probably stressed about stuff.  You may be asking yourselves, "Why aren't you stressed, Andrew?  I don't understand."  Well I'm glad you asked!

Reason 1:
When I get stressed, I stop being stressed and be awesome instead.  True Story.

Reason 2:
I know that Epic Gandalf has my back, and you know what? I'm sure he would have yours too.
Pro Tip: set this picture as your background and take him wherever you go! (I did ^__^)

Reason 3:
I use the phrase "____ is lawlz" at least twice a day. Doing this will not only help reduce stress, it makes you more awesome.

i.e.  Ian McKellen's shirt is lawlz.

Reason 4:  
Naps.  Naps are pro. 

Reason 5:


Friday, April 22, 2011

Meet Terrance Crysantheum; He Plays Dungeons and Dragons

My friends and I were in Ontario yesterday at a restaurant called Graziano's.  It's the sort of place that, unless your 12 years old and celebrating winning at sports; like soccer or something, you're at risk of feeling rather out of place.  Our visit to the sub-par, Chucky Cheese-esque establishment, was marked by messy barbeque-chicken pizza, a broken skee ball machine, and someone we named Terrance Crysantheum.  Terrance, being the unanimous highlight of the occasion.

Lithely moving about, giant pizza spatula in hand, we first saw Terrance peak out from his little pizza crafting cubby beyond the counter, when we went to exchange our 29 game tickets for a couple Chinese finger traps.  It was at this, the moment of first contact, in which I was able to see past his facade of green apron and visor, into his very soul it seemed.  I felt as if I had Vulcan mind melded him and was given in an instant, a vision of his life.

Terrance Crysantheum is 19 years old.  He has a tabby cat named Jiles.  Jiles, who has very specific dietary needs, is the subject of Terrance's blog almost exclusively.  On the weekends Terrance plays Dungeons and Dragons with a bunch of friends.  This same group of friends also comprises an electronica band named Torrential Down-Fog which Terrance plays the keys and synth for.  Terrance recently sold his level 85 Paladin on World of Warcraft for $400, because he has grown out of such things.  Terrance attends a local community college and plans to become a mechanical engineer so that he can one day make a life size replica of the Iron Man suit and wear it to Comic Con.  During breaks from classes he plays Magic: The Gathering in the student rec room with some friends from his Shakespearean Lit. class.  Terrance enjoys writing fan fiction for his favorite Japanese anime when he has the time, and strongly dislikes the new Battlestar Galactica, because it's too nerdy.


In the Beginning there was Blog... and it wasn't necessarily good... at all

I decided yesterday to create a blog. So today I created a blog about yesterday.  Enjoy ...or don't, I mean no one's forcing you.  (However, if someone is forcing you and you need assistance fighting against them feel free to contact me... I once took this crazy martial art. I could beat them up... or argue vigorously on your behalf.)

Oh, and I'd like to apologize in advance for what I'm sure will be countless grammatical and sentence structuring mistakes.  It's been a while since I've had to put so many sentences together into one thought.